Create Custom Admin Color Schemes for WordPress Dashboard

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WordPress 3.8 brought new color schemes to the admin dashboard. Now users can choose between 9 different color schemes to make the admin panel as colourful as their mood. The only limitation is that WordPress doesn’t provide to customize the color schemes by changing the color of particular area as per our wish. The pre-designed color schemes are good but what if you want to have your own design of color scheme for your dashboard? As long as we have plugins in WordPress, everything is possible, and that’s what made WordPress so cool.

Admin Color Schemer is a free WordPress plugin to customize the look of the dashboard by creating own color scheme. Once you install the plugin, a new menu named “Admin Color” starts appearing under “Tools” section.


One can easily apply basic color changes by selecting different colors for four area – Base, Icon, Highlight, Notification. Then preview the changes and if you find the new color scheme good, just hit the “Save and Use” button.

If you want more in-depth customization for admin color for sections like, Buttons, Links, Menu, Submenu etc. then click on the “Advance Options” link on the same “Admin Color” window and change the color for these sections and elements as per your wish.

Finally you are having your own self designed admin color scheme of WordPress dashboard.


There is no export function available in this admin color schemer plugin so whenever you need to apply the same custom admin color, you will have to make the changes manually on the new site.

Other plugins to add more admin colors

If you find it difficult to design your own admin color scheme, there are plugins to increase the number of pre-designed admin color schemes for your WordPress setup.

Admin Color Schemes is a free plugin to add extra schemes in your inventory. Once you activate this plugin, 8 extra schemes starts appearing. There is one more plugin to make the colorful admin more readable. It is Better Admin Reading which increases the padding, height of certain elements on dashboard to make the colourful admin panel more readable.

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